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What is My DOI Career?

My DOI Career is a dynamic platform that allows users to explore careers and be informed of the skills and experience needed to achieve their dream jobs at Interior. My DOI Career can be used by current and prospective employees to help them navigate a career at DOI.

Find Your Path - The Find Your Path quiz is a great place to start. Whether you want to move up, laterally, or explore opportunities, users can answer a few short questions to receive suggested occupations that might be a good fit.

Plan Your Path - DOI employees are able to create a profile, save careers, and create a career planner that is unique to their career journey. Plan Your Path helps current employees understand the skills and steps they can acquire to achieve their dream jobs and jumpstarts conversations between employees and their supervisors about their professional development.

Where Are We - This section includes a dynamic map of where DOI employees are located across the country. Results can be filtered by occupation, bureau, grade, and location to show the range of people, places, and positions DOI offers! 

Featured Occupations - The Featured Occupations highlight occupations for which DOI is actively recruiting. These occupations are typically mission-critical and have an urgent need to hire.

Resources - The Resources page includes shortcut links to information that may help someone with their public service career and professional development.

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Why work with DOI?

Embarking on a career at the DOI or with our partners comes with a suite of benefits such as flexible schedules, training and mentoring, student loan help, health coverage, and having a real impact.