Frequently Asked Questions

What is My DOI Career?

My DOI Career reflects the Department of the Interior's commitment to ensuring our most valuable resource, our employees, have the opportunity to understand and explore career progression opportunities within and across career fields, and, within and across bureaus.

My DOI Career gives an overview of each occupation in everyday language. Employees and the public can learn about the occupation, see where a particular occupation is employed across bureaus, in differing geographic locations, and, gain insights into strengths required at various career level.

My DOI Career is a unique tool because it exposes opportunities in other occupations for which an employee's interests and strengths might be a match, based on self-identified competency strengths.

My DOI Career focuses on helping YOU explore what YOU are interested in. DOI is committed to continuing efforts toward an improved and positive experience for all DOI employees.

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How is My DOI Career different than DOI's previous career page?

The new My DOI Career page offers information on specific occupations across all DOI bureaus and locations. My DOI Career allows you to more easily explore occupations that align with your interests and strengths. The main difference is that My DOI Career is intended to help you continuously explore opportunities, and to learn about the over 300 occupations employed across the Department of the Interior. Keep checking back, because My DOI Career will keep getting better and better.

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Why is My DOI Career valuable to me?

A position at DOI is more than simply a job, it is a steppingstone in a long, varied, and highly rewarding career. There are many paths to get you where you want to be, and your journey may not be linear. DOI wants to help you imagine the many ways you can contribute -- in ways that are meaningful and engaging for you. My DOI Career allows you to answer a few simple questions to show you options for roles you might be interested in exploring. You will see which Bureaus employ people in a particular occupation, what the positions might entail at various career levels, where the position is employed across the country, and allow you to hear from employees working in these occupations today!

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Can My DOI Career inform my Individual Development Plan?

My DOI Career is a tool to help you better understand your current profession and perhaps an alternate desired profession. You can leverage My DOI Career to understand the roles, responsibilities and strengths required at the "next level up" in your current occupation or to provide insight into a career you see yourself in the future. My DOI Career is one of many tools you can use when preparing your Individual Development Plan.

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Are all DOI occupations available on the My DOI Career tool?

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has more than 60,000 employees across 2,400 locations in more than 300 occupations. My DOI Career, originally, launched with 25 occupations, which represent 50% of our employee population. Our goal is to continue adding information on our other occupations regularly. Currently, there are 91 occupations posted to the website. Provided at the end of this document is the list of occupational series planned through Fiscal Year 2020. Please continue to check back, as we continue to add occupational series to My DOI Career!

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Where can I find information on required education or certifications?

Position requirements are specified in the posting. The requirements for education, certifications, and the amount of experience you need varies for each job. If you have questions about how much experience you need for a particular job, review the Job Requirements > Qualifications section of the job announcement or contact the hiring agency listed in the job announcement.

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How often will information on the site be updated?

The My DOI Career site will be updated at least quarterly, though small changes may be incorporated continuously. Please keep checking back for updates!

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How do I find jobs that interest me at DOI?

When exploring occupations on My DOI Career, you can navigate to relevant job postings on from any of the occupation pages. Anyone interested in Federal Employment must apply to be selected for a position (job) or promotion.

If you are currently a DOI employee, you can also visit the DOI Career Connection to look for detail and lateral opportunities.

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How do I provide feedback?

We want to hear from you! Please send comments or suggestions via our Contact Us page.

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Occupational Series List (Through Fiscal Year 2020)

October 2019 Release

March 2020 Release

May 2020 Release

June/July 2020 Release

August 2020 Release

*Help us determine which occupational series we should include in future releases by providing your feedback to