Security Guard

Security Guard


Position Overview

DOI Security Guards are responsible for the protection and physical security of employees, the public, and property within the confines of Federal facilities and land.  Security Guards provide protection from potential threats such as terrorism, vandalism, sabotage, trespass, theft, and security breaches. Guards are uniformed and trained to observe and detect suspicious activity and respond effectively. They work closely with law enforcement to prevent and manage all types of potential violations and dangers. DOI Security Guards serve in a variety of capacities to include access control and patrol along with emergency dispatcher positions.

This position is represented at the following bureaus

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Reclamation
National Park Service

Candidate Description

Security Guards serve as the alert, vigilant, and diligent public face of DOI at many locations. The ideal candidate possesses integrity, accountability, and independent problem-solving abilities.  DOI Security Guards are not afraid to take initiative, responding to security and safety emergencies independently or in a group when necessary. He or she can tactfully deal with people from a variety of backgrounds and remain calm, using good judgment in the face of complaints, uncooperative people, and emergencies. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate in a professional manner are paramount.

Candidates interested in joining the Bureau of Reclamation's Security Response Force (SRF) are required to pass specific training.  Please click here for more information.

Work Environment

Security Guards work in and around DOI facilities both indoors and outdoors, in all types of weather conditions. Security Guards may work long hours both during the day and at night.  Security Guards may be assigned work requiring them to stand or walk for extended amounts of time.  Depending on the location, Security Guards may be required to traverse mountainous terrain and loose ground.  Security Guards serve in an armed and unarmed capacity, depending on the location.

Minimum Education Requirements

Please see the Individual Occupation Requirements on the OPM website.

Career Level Requirements

Responsibilities by Level

  • Journey:

    • Conducting vehicle and foot patrols, screening visitors and bags to detect explosive devices and weapons
    • Controlling access to restricted areas
    • Opening and securing doors, gates, and buildings
    • Monitoring closed-circuit television (CCTV) equipment
    • Operating vehicle and handheld radios
    • Providing professional customer service to employees and visitors
    • Responding to emergencies independently or in a team as directed
    • Proficient in operating firearms and tactical response procedures
    • Ability to complete official and unofficial reports
    • Managing vehicle and pedestrian traffic through check points, parking areas, and visitor use facilities
    • Assisting with VIP/dignitary visits and special events

  • Senior:

    • Assigning and monitoring workloads for individuals and teams
    • Leading small and large groups during emergency situations
    • Planning and preparing for various security and emergency situations
    • Making split second decisions to address changing emergency situations
    • Completing official and unofficial reports
    • Coaching fellow Security Guards
    • Hearing and resolving individual and group grievances
    • Completing administrative duties regarding time and attendances and day-to-day operations
    • Upholding DOI Directives and Policies
    • Completing schedules and make modifications as needed
    • Serving as the DOI representative during meetings

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Strengths by Level

  • Accountability
    Holds self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results. Determines objectives, sets priorities, and delegates work. Accepts responsibility for mistakes. Complies with established control systems and rules.
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9
  • Interpersonal Skills
    Treats others with courtesy, sensitivity, and respect. Considers and responds appropriately to the needs and feelings of different people in different situations.
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9
  • Oral Communication
    Expresses information (for example, ideas or facts) to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information (for example, technical, sensitive, controversial); makes clear and convincing oral presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues, and responds appropriately.
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9
  • Physical Strength and Agility
    Ability to bend, lift, climb, stand, and walk for long periods of time; ability to perform moderately heavy laboring work.
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9
  • Problem Solving
    Identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations.
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9
  • Self-Management
    Sets well-defined and realistic personal goals; displays a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments in a timely manner; works with minimal supervision; is motivated to achieve; demonstrates responsible behavior.
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9
  • Stamina
    Exerts oneself physically over long periods of time without tiring (which may include performing repetitive tasks such as data entry or coding).
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9
  • Teamwork
    Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity; fosters commitment and team spirit; works with others to achieve goals.
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    Journey 4-7
    Senior 8-9

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