Human Resources Assistance


Position Overview

Human Resources Assistants support DOI’s dedicated workforce in many ways.   Their expertise helps make sure that personnel action processing, recruitment, new employee onboarding, benefits, training and other employment-related functions and processes go smoothly.

This position is represented at the following bureaus

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
National Park Service
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
Office of the Inspector General
Office of the Secretary
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Geological Survey

Candidate Description

The ideal candidate is an adaptable people person with superb customer service skills and attention to detail.   This person can do thorough research, carefully follow procedures and processes, and remain open and interested in learning new things.

Work Environment

Mostly indoors, in an office setting.

Minimum Education Requirements

Please see the Clerical and Administrative Support Group Qualification Standard on the OPM website.

Career Level Requirements

Responsibilities by Level

  • Entry:

    • Creating, maintaining and locating employment files and records
    • Entering human resources (HR) data and query/report requests
    • Gathering information and documents from HR systems
    • Preparing and tracking routine HR forms

  • Mid:

    • Completing, monitoring and tracking recruitment forms and documents
    • Communicating benefits information or performance appraisal procedures to customers
    • Researching and compiling information on routine pay change actions or questions
    • Reviewing incoming training requests to ensure requirements are met
    • Evaluating candidate eligibility for announced job opportunities
    • Assisting new employees with onboarding forms and processes
    • Processing a wide variety of personnel actions

  • Journey:

    • Reviewing and correcting HR forms and documents
    • Working with hiring officials to prepare job opportunity announcements and identify recruitment sources
    • Researching and providing information on employee relations procedures
    • Advising on and resolving pay-related problems and questions
    • Arranging room and equipment set-up and other logistics for on-site training sessions or special events
    • Reviewing applications to determine/verify basic qualifications
    • Conducting new employee orientation sessions
    • Serving as a Team Lead or Supervisor guiding HR Assistants processing personnel actions or supporting recruitment and examining functions

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Strengths by Level

  • Accountability
    Holds self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results. Determines objectives, sets priorities, and delegates work. Accepts responsibility for mistakes. Complies with established control systems and rules.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8
  • Attention to Detail
    Is thorough when performing work and conscientious about attending to detail.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8
  • Customer Service
    Works with clients and customers (that is, any individuals who use or receive the services or products that your work unit produces, including the general public, individuals who work in the agency, other agencies, or organizations outside the Government) to assess their needs, provide information or assistance, resolve their problems, or satisfy their expectations; knows about available products and services; is committed to providing quality products and services.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8
  • Interpersonal Skills
    Treats others with courtesy, sensitivity, and respect. Considers and responds appropriately to the needs and feelings of different people in different situations.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8
  • Self-Management
    Sets well-defined and realistic personal goals; displays a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments in a timely manner; works with minimal supervision; is motivated to achieve; demonstrates responsible behavior.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8
  • Teamwork
    Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity; fosters commitment and team spirit; works with others to achieve goals.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8
  • Technical Competence
    Uses knowledge that is acquired through formal training or extensive on-the-job experience to perform one's job; works with, understands, and evaluates technical information related to the job; advises others on technical issues.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8
  • Writing
    Recognizes or uses correct English grammar, punctuation, and spelling; communicates information (for example, facts, ideas, or messages) in a succinct and organized manner; produces written information, which may include technical material, that is appropriate for the intended audience.
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    Entry 3-4
    Mid 5-6
    Journey 7-8

Common Pathways

Candidates who made this career change most commonly held these occupations...


Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant

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Civilian Pay

Career Information Coming Soon
0503 - Financial Clerical And Assistance 3.8%
0326 - Office Automation Clerical And Assist 3.8%
0962 - Contact Representative 2.5%
Less Common Pathways (<2%)

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